Setup Your WebHost Account

From within your GVO Member’s area (, click on Webmaster Tools, then click on the Help Video at the top right/  This video will show you how to get everything setup to host your domains.

Basic instructions:

To get started with your Web Hosting locate the Web Host Manager link on the left under Unlimited Web Hosting.


1.  Create a Package (you only need to do this step once)

Your Web host manager will load in a separate window.

Once loaded, look down the left and locate ‘Packages’, click on ‘Packages’ to open the folder, then choose Add a Package.

Fill in the fields as described below and as shown in the picture. (the defaults for the fields all come up as 1, please make changes as noted below)

New Package Name = main


Scroll to the bottom and click on ADD

2.  Create an account

The second step will be to add your domain and get it setup.  You need to have a package setup to add your domain.  You will be able to choose a username or the system will generate one.

From inside your Web Host Manager, look for Account functions and click on Create A New Account

The only fields you need to edit are as follows:

Domain:  this is your domain name.  IE my domain is so I would enter  Enter your domain own domain name (do not put http://www … simply put it in this format

Username:   the system will default to the first 8 letters of your domain.  You can change this or edit it.  MAKE NOTE OF YOUR USERNAME you will need this.

Password: your password should be unique and should contain a combination of letters and numbers.  The system will tell you if your password is weak or strong.  MAKE NOTE OF YOUR PASSWORD you will need this.

Retype your password

Email – Enter your primary email address here.  I recommend you setup a gmail account to handle all your business information.

Package – choose the package you created (main)

Leave the rest of the fields as defaults and scroll to the bottom and click on Create

From here, you can create and upload your html website OR, follow the steps to install a WordPress blog and have an instant website.

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