Virtual Office Setup

How to setup your Virtual Office

As a member of GVO, you have access to a 10 seat conference room that you can use for prospect meetings, opportunity presentation, three way calls, training calls etc.

Your 10 seat room is included with your Titanium Membership.

Setting up your Conference room simple.

Step 1.  Login to

Step 2.  Click on GVO Conference (button on the left under Marketing Tools)

You will be presented with a page that looks like the graphic below.  I recommend you watch the Video at the top right (NEED HELP?) or the Basic Training Videos located under the GVO Conference graphic on the left:


Step 3.  Setup a Room Moderator

The first thing you need to do is set yourself up as  a moderator in your room.   Where you see the moderator information, you see Total Moderators and the number 0.  The number 0 is a hyper link and if you click on it, you can setup a moderator.

Click Add New Moderator

You will be presented with a form to fill out the First Name Last Name and email address of the moderator.  I recommend you set yourself up first then any other team members you wish to give moderator access.  The system will generate the Moderator Username and Password.

Click Insert Now to create your moderator.

You will use this username and password to login to your Virtual Office as a moderator.

Moderator access allows you to share your desktop, show a presentation, share files and browsers.

You are now ready to use your Conference room and invite others.

To access your room, notice the link in the graphic: <==== Your room number will be unique to your GVO membership

Your personal link will have a different number.

You are now ready to invite prospects, members, guests to that link and they can visit your Virtual Office.

Add a link to your signature file:

Janet Legere

Please Visit Our Virtual Office
Monday to Friday, 10AM to 2PM

That is just an example, the link above is not a live conference link.

Enjoy your new conference room and watch for tips on using you Virtual Office!

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