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How to Install a blog on your domain

a BIG warm thank you to Anderson Goncalves for putting together this great video that shows you the simple steps to install and setup your Word Press Blog.

For those who would rather not get into website design and website building, you can install a word press blog right on your new domain.  It takes just a few moments to install.

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1.  Access your Cpanel for your domain

From your webhost manager, go to List Accounts, locate your domain and click on the CPanel icon to the right of the domain name (it’s blue and looks like a CP).  This will open the control panel for your domain and will automatically login.

You need to logout of your cpanel and then choose to login again.  It’s an administration thing.

Once logged in for the second time, look at the icons on your control panel.  Scroll to the bottom and select the Fantastico icon.

Click on the icon.

You will see a new menu on the left, locate the WordPress script.

Click on the Word Press link.

Follow the instructions to install your word press blog.

You will need to create an admin username and password, PLEASE WRITE THESE DOWN.  You will need them to login to your blog once you install it.

When the installation is complete, the system will give you notice and at this time you can choose to have the installatoin information emailed to you.

I recommend you do this!

Ok, now that your word press blog is installed you need to learn a few key points to creating posts and pages.  With your WordPress blog, you can create “pages” AND “posts”.

Things to know about when setting up your word press blog

Pages vs Posts

With an installed Word Press Blog, you have the option of posting articles just like you do on a Blogspot blog, but what I like about WordPress is I can also create pages and I can setup the system to open a page instead of a post.  The default is usually to your latest post.

I have several word press blogs and on my main site, I have pages setup for “about me”, “subscribe”, “resources” and a “pre-launch” page.

Pages are static where as your blog posts will change every time you post a new article.

Word Press Blogging Tips

Adding Widgets!

You can add widgets to your blog, much like adding Gadgets on a Blogspot blog.  From your wordpress back office, click on Appearance and from the Appearance menu, you will see the Widgets option.

Changing Templates!

You can choose from a wide range of templates – something to suit everyone’s taste.  Remember, your blog is your personal space where people will get to know you.  From the Appearance section, choose Add New Themes and select from the many themes available.  You will be able to install the theme then activate in just a few simple steps.  It’s also easy to change your theme if you choose to.

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