The GVO Auto-responder

Yes, at last … the new GVO Auto-responder is live and ready for action.  In this post, I will give you some brief instructions to setup your first campaign (list), including your auto-mated messages.  I will even show you how to create a form and put it on your blog!

1.  Login to GVO

Login to your GVO back office here

You will use your Kiosk username and password to login.

NOTE: if you are not directed to you entered the wrong details.  Please go back to the login page above and enter your KIOSK/GVO username and password that you created when you joined GVO.  (GVO prelaunch was under the Kiosk name)

Not a member of GVO/Kiosk?  Click here to join for $1!

2.  Access the eResponder

On the left side menu, you will see a group of icons, the top one is eResponder, click on this to access the GVO Auto-responder system.

Once inside the eResponder area, you will be directed to the Campaign area.  Our first order of business is to setup a list (campaign) for your personal contacts.

3.  Add a Campaign (List)

Click on Add a Campaign, this creates your “List”.  You can call your campaign anything you like, for this exercise, we will setup a Campaign for your Personal Contacts.

Campaign Name:  Personal Contacts

Description:  Personal subscribers  (NOTE:  if you want, you can add more description, this becomes more pertinent when you have many lists)

From Name: Your First and Last Name

From Email: The email address you want your readers to see

Notification email: The email address where you would like to receive notice of new subscribers

Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box at the bottom to receive a “Notify about new subscriber”

4.  The Optin Message

This is the message the your subscribers will receive to confirm their subscription to your list.  There is a default email in place that needs to be edited  Here is an example:

SUBJECT:  Hello %%SubscriberFullName%%

Hello %%SubscriberFullName%%

Thank you for subscribing to my
in-house list.

Please click the link below to
confirm your subscription.  This
helps to keep our list clean from

<a href=”%%MainSiteURL%%/activate.php?s=%%SubscriberId%%”>%%MainSiteURL%%/activate.php?s=%%SubscriberId%%</a>

Have a great day,

Your First and Last Name

NOTE: The activation is already in the pre-set email.  You MUST keep this link in place.  Simply edit the text above and below the link as indicated in my example above.

NOTE2: Where you see “Insert Field”, this is for those with experience so you can add other fields to your email.  It is not necessary to use this function in this exercise.

5.  The Custom Fields

You may want to add some custome fields so that when you create a form, you can collect more information about your subscriber.  The system will automatically collect their name and email.  You can add up to 10 Custom fields.  I recommend adding Phone and Country.

6.  The Follow-Up Messages

You will want to add your own follow-up messages to the system. I am including one below that is an initial email.   Click on Messages, then click on Followup.

SUBJECT:  Thank you for subscribing, %%SubscriberFullName%%


Hello %%SubscriberFullName%%,

Janet Legere here.

Thank you for subscribing to my personal
contact list.

My focus is helping you learn to use the
Internet to create leads for your business.

Please let me know if you have questions or
need help in any way.  You will find my
contact details below.

Have a great day,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

Contact Information

Calgary, Alberta (mountain time)
Phone:  403-274-2930

Add Me To Instant Messenger:

Yahoo:  janetlegere
Skype:  janetlegere

Use the above email as an exmple and make sure to add your personal details.  Add additional emails as you wish, we recommend at least 7 followup messages.

7.  The Subscriber Form

We are now ready to create a form that we can add to our Blogspot or other blog page.  Instructions here are for Blogspot.

From the eResponder area, click on Forms, Create Form.

Form Name: Personal Contacts

Thank You Page: I redirect my subscribers back to my blog so they can review the information there.  You can redirect them to any website you wish, such as your New Rich Report website.

Main Fields: Select the Name field and then if you chose to create any custom fields, check those as well so they are included on your form.

Click Create

Your form code is now read, click on the HTML link on the right, this will bring up (in a popup window) the html code you will need for your blog.  You can copy this to your clipboard (right click your mouse and select copy).

8.  Adding your form to your blog

Open another tab or window in your browser and go to (If you have never setup a blog, you will find detailed directions here)

Go to your Blog layout, click on Add a Gadget.  Select the HTML/Text gadget and paste in the HTML code that you copied for your form.  For your Gadget Title, put “Subscribe to my personal list”.

An example of an eResponder form can be found on our team blog here to the right ….

You should now be all set to begin building your contact list.

Happy Marketing,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

P.S.  GVO is destined to be one of the biggest launches in Internet History.  If you aren’t a part of this yet, you can Click here to join for $1!

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