Getting Started

Welcome to GVO … as you can see from your member’s area at there is a lot to GVO, just like we promised!

Your $44.95 is a set fee and will never go up – no matter how many domains you host or how big your lists get.  Your Monthly fee stays the same.

There are a few things you need to take care of as a new member of GVO.

1. Edit Your Profile

You will find this under My Account Manager on the left side of your GVO members area.

a.  Make sure your name and email address are correct.  If you have a website hosted at GVO/Kiosk you can enter it here as well.  It is optional.

b.  Under the Payment section, you need to choose if you wish to be paid by Cheque or by Paypal.  If you choose Paypal, you need to enter your current Paypal email address.  If you choose to be paid by Cheque, please make certain your Name and Address are correct as this is where GVO will send your cheques.  Make sure this information is correct because YOU WILL Earn at GVO!

c.  As you grow, you may decide to help one of your downline members by sending your “spillover” to them.  You can do this by placing their username in the box titled “Signup Under Name”.  If you are unsure of this, please leave it blank.

2.  Edit Billing Info

This is where you can check to make sure your billing info is always up to date.  You can also check the payment history of your account.  It’s important that you keep your account active.

3.  Setup your Domain

If you do not yet have your own domain name, you will want to register one.  I recommend you register your name, ie  If your name is a common one you can try these combinations (ie (ie (ie

One of these combinations should be available.

If you already have a domain, you will want to consider moving it over to GVO.  You can follow the instructions in your back office to transfer your existing domain.

Once your domain is registered, you want to set up your account on GVO to host your new domain.  I recommend you install a WordPress blog.

Instruction are found here:

Setup Your Webhost Account

Install a WordPress Blog

4.  e-Responder

Now it’s time to setup a campaign to begin building a personal contact list.  You’ll find instructions on how to setup your first campaign at GVO right here:

You will want to add a form to your new blog as well, instruction to add a form are here:

Add an Optin Form

5.  Register for our GVO Training List

To the right hand side of this blog, you will see a form to subscribe to our Training List.  This list is housed through our GVO account so you’ll get to see it in action!  I’ll keep you up to date on training calls and changes at GVO.  You can unsubscribe at any time so make sure you get on our GVO Members Training list ok?

Once you have all this setup, you are ready to begin building your GVO downline.

There are many websites available to promote GVO, you will find some of them listed in your back office of GVO

You will find marketing strategies located here on our blog.

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